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What is your shipping process?
Detailed information about shipping can be found on our Shipping Information page.


What is the returns policy for dropship orders?
Detailed information about our return policy can be found on our Returns Policy page.


Can you provide me with product data such as descriptions and photos?
Yes, once your account is approved, you will be given access to a complete product data spreadsheet. This will contain product model numbers, titles, bullet points, descriptions, pricing, UPC codes, product dimensions and shipping dimensions.


Do you ensure my company's information is on the packing slip/package?
Yes, we include a packing slip with your dropshipments that contain your company's name, address and phone number. The packing slip also includes the recipient's name, shipping address and item ordered. It does not contain any pricing information. You can see a sample packing slip here.


Do you offer discount on your products for dropshippers?
Once your account is approved, you will log in and see the discount dropship prices. The prices displayed are the discount wholesale prices.


Do you charge sales tax or require my seller's permit?
We require tax exempt documentation when you sign up.


May I use your products images/descriptions on my website?


How do I place my dropship orders (i.e. online/email)
When you have an order that needs to be drop shipped you will log on to CarolinaDistribution.com and order the item like you would on any other website. Put your customer's information in the Ship-To fields.

Your order will ship blind with a generic packing slip that does not show any prices.


How long does it take for orders to be processed and shipped?
We typically ship orders within 24 business hours.


What shipping methods do you offer and do you provide tracking numbers?
Detailed information about shipping can be found on our Shipping Information page.


Are you the manufacturer of your products?
Yes, we are the manufacturer of all products listed on CarolinaDistribution.com.


What Payment Methods do you accept:
We accept payment using the following: MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, Check by Mail and PayPal.



Prices, quantities, and availability of items on this website are subject to change. While we strive to provide a satisfying experience for all of our customers, if a listed item is sold, out of stock, differs or has changed in description, pricing, or attributes from what is listed on this website, we reserve the right to cancel any order that cannot be filled accordingly. Of course, in the event that a problem such as this may occur, we will be happy to try doing what we can to arrive at an agreeable solution with the customer.


Is there an option to receive or even buy more pictures of the products?

At this time we are unable to offer additional photos. As we take new lifestyle and studio shots we make them available on the Carolina Distribution website for all of our clients to use. We do have clients who purchase the products and take care of the photography themselves so they can have original photos.


Product Photos & Descriptions:

Product photos and descriptions including color, shading, and measurements may differ in appearance than the actual product you receive. While we strive to accurately display the characteristics of every product we offer, products can vary in color, shading, size, and texture from the product photo and measurement descriptions on our site. If you're very specific on an exact color or size please call first before ordering to discuss your needs.


How do I contact you?
Please click here for Carolina Distribution contact information.


Is the Carolina Distribution website secure?
You can be assured that when placing your order through the Carolina Distribution website your details are secure. The Carolina Distribution website uses SSL (which stands for "Secure Sockets Layer"), the de facto standard for Internet security. SSL is an open protocol for secure data communications across the computer networks. 

SSL provides a straightforward method for adding strong security to existing applications and network infrastructures. SSL is application protocol independent and provides encryption, which creates a secured channel to prevent others from tapping into the network; authentication, which uses certificates and digital signatures to verify the identity of parties in information exchanges and transactions; and message integrity, which ensures that messages cannot be altered en route.


What if I have more questions suitable for the FAQ page?
Let us know using the form below. Information is power!

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