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Blogs, Reviews and Web Content: Your Words are Your Biggest Value

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Marketing products online can be a guessing game for anyone. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been selling for years, or have recently just decided to “test the waters” of online retail success. When you started selling online, you’ve probably noticed just how much content was needed just to make your website visually appealing. You had photos and images to consider, videos, shopping carts, social media and all sorts of “gadgetry” to invite visitors to browse your inventory. Once you grabbed a visitor’s attention, however, you had to find a way to keep them there. After all, the longer a person is browsing your website, the more likely you are to make a sale. That’s where your “content” takes on a new level… the value of your words.

If you are writing your own blogs and web content, or using a web content manager, you are already ahead of the game. Blogging is one of the best ways to keep interactive content flowing that relates to your product, and it helps establish you as an expert in your field. In addition to that original content, you may enlist the help of “guest bloggers,” to evaluate your products, or you can highlight any product or customer reviews in conspicuous places on your website. By harnessing the power of the words on your website, you place yourself in that “expert” position, building product and brand trust (and you also get a boost in the search engines).

As important as it is to have the visual aspects of your products available for online customers, the value of your words are vital tools for selling as well. You can show a product in a dozen different ways and have all of the “bells and whistles” of the online retail giants, but, it is the words on your website that can be the ultimate sales force for your product and for your brand. Those words are the “you” in your business, and they are what brings the value of YOU into the world of your customers.


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