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Building a Web Store for your Drop Ship Business

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Websites are important for all businesses these days, but for any business that relies on a drop shipper, a website is a necessity. Not only do you have to have an online presence in order for customers to find you, but you also need to have a website that is easy to navigate and one that preferably helps you manage the business end of your, well, business.

When you’re developing a website for your drop ship business, you should consider the following:

  • Inventory management. Some drop shippers will offer daily inventory availability reports, while others may have an online “tunnel” for real-time information. In both of these cases, they may also have recommendations for the type of website you need, or the web store service you should use.
  • Customer service. Online business happens 24/7, and you do have to sleep sometimes. There are companies that offer websites and help with online customer service. Other options include integrating social media networks into your website for a similar ability to respond to customers in a timely manner.
  • Interactivity. An interactive website often finds itself ranking higher in search engines than a static site that only “moves” inventory. Interactivity happens with video, audio and with blogging, especially. Plus, an interactive website lets you show off your products on a more personal level than just a few photos or images.
  • Navigation and aesthetics. Just like you get frustrated on a website that is outdated, hard to get around or has early-90s graphics, your customers are the same. More often than not, we’re all looking to get the information or product we want with as little hassle as possible, and any frustration will just cause us to hit the next website.
  • Responsive design. Much like navigation concerns, you must also keep your mobile device audience in mind. You don’t have to have your own app for your store, but, you should at the very least check that your website has a mobile device version that keeps you in business with people “on the go.”

Any business that is based on drop shipping has plenty of potential for success, and the defining factor in that could end up being your website. When you keep the “best practice” web design standards in mind, your choice of online retail services or the type of website you need become much easier, just like your success.


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