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Bundle Up: The Beauty of Product Bundles

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The competition factor in selling anything is often hard to ignore. For a drop shipper, you may even feel that call to find the perfect recipe to get your “brand” to stand out above others who are selling the same (or similar) products. The lowest price on an item isn’t necessarily what will bring you sales, and many drop shipping companies also have a minimum price for an item that you must abide by. But, with a little creativity, you can attract buyers and even save on your shipping costs by offering “bundled” products.

Bundling products is not only fun for you; it benefits your sales and your business brand. Offering a bundle of products attracts customers who are curious about what you sell, as well as those looking for the best deal. Also, keep in mind the following:

  • Grouping similar or coordinating products together helps suggest bigger possibilities to your customers than they may have thought of.
  • You can take advantage of discounted inventory that isn’t selling when you group it with a more popular product
  • The items you bundle give you a chance to show your expertise and boost your business brand in many cases.
  • People love getting extra items, especially at a discount.
  • A bundle of items typically ships at a lower cost than shipping each item individually.

When you’re a drop shipper, discovering that “magic formula” for success can be hard, considering you’re competing with plenty of other stores selling your same items. But, that same “magic formula” could be as simple as offering product bundles to your customers. You get to have a bigger role in what you sell, you offer more value to those who are already looking for the best deal, and that you understand your customers’ needs… maybe even better than they do!


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