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Drop Shipping 101: How Can You Sell Products You’ve Never Seen?

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Entering into a drop shipping venture can be exciting, especially when you think that most of the hassle is out of your hands. You get to earn income, sell products you love and you don’t have to worry about boxes, bubble wrap or whatever it takes to get those products to customers. You’ve spent the time and money to build a website and marketing plan, and you’ve probably been promoting yourself on social media networks. Then, you have a potential customer ask you a question about one of the products you’re selling… only, you’ve never actually seen the product yourself.

How can you sell items that you have no personal experience with, or those you’ve never seen? Is the color of that dress white or blue? How “deep” is the bass on that drum?

Relax, you’ve got more going for you than you think, and thousands of others run successful drop shipping businesses without even knowing most of the products they sell. When questions come up that you can’t answer, you still have an entire Internet of information at your disposal, not to mention the phone magic that can be made when you dial your drop shipping supplier directly.

Product information is everywhere online. You can probably find the answer to a customer’s question through a quick search in your browser, or enough information to satisfy their need for specific details.

Calling a manufacturer helps. Most manufacturers know exactly what information you need, because they get the same questions as you. Plus, they may have areas on their website where you can find item-specific information that you didn’t realize you could access.

You can buy your own products. There isn’t anything that stops you from buying yourself samples of your own inventory, and most companies will recommend you do this. It gives you an idea of the product quality as well as their method of shipping items, both of which help you when there are customer service issues.

The beauty of a drop shipping venture is that you’re able to virtually run a store, with products and information available at your fingertips. You don’t have to mess with postage scales or inventory space, just the information needed to keep inventory moving and your profits increasing.


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