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You’re the Expert: Niche Merchandise Extends Your Credibility and More

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Expertise is value, especially when you have something unique to offer others. Some of the most successful consultants and speakers have risen up in the “expert” ranks just based upon their knowledge of something small, yet, important, that gives others a “leg up” on the competition. After all, we wouldn’t buy their books or attend their conferences if they didn’t have some type of secret information to share that would benefit us.

You’re an expert in the same right, even if you’re not packing auditoriums full of eager “brain picking” people. Think about what you do, and the products that you use each day in order to meet your deadlines and the demands of your life. Maybe you have studied a subject for years and you know your stuff like the back of your hand. Your expertise is your niche in the world, and that includes product sales.

  • Selling niche merchandise benefits your main business, or be a great side job for a student, parent or anyone looking for extra income.
  • Niche merchandise sales add to your income, as well as your credibility as an expert. The better the product, the more believable you become.
  • Online sales of niche merchandise often involve drop shipping, which gives you the ability to run the show through a website, without investing in inventory or the space to store it.

Niche products are those little things you can’t find at your local “big box” store that the experts swear by. Niche products can be something as simple as the pen you use when you’re taking down notes at a meeting, or as complicated as an audio system for an entire stadium. It doesn’t matter, because, as the expert, when you say something works, people want it. It is your niche, your expertise that makes it so.


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